Terms and Conditions

All components purchased on the Gotour website are done so in accordance with the following published Terms and Conditions.
It is important that you read the following carefully.

Please Read This Policy:

By registering or sign in or purchasing an extension, you are automatically bound by these terms.
Gotour also reserves the right to change or modify these terms without prior notice.
By purchasing ANY Component from Gotour you have agreed to this License.

Gotour has free and commercial Joomla components.
All extensions are published with GPL/GNU License and provided with Open Source.
Free extensions are avaliable to download and use without any limits.
Commercial components must be purchased before downloading.

The liscense that comes along with the purchase of any of our products allows you to install in multiple domains.
However, technical support will be offered for one (1) live domain only. For multiple domain support, please contact us.

Refund policy

14-day-money-back-guaranteeThe following is our company's refund policy. Please read it carefully before purchasing. Gotour is so confident in the quality of our products and support that we are willing to offer you a 14-day money back guarantee.

Gotour can guarantee the following:

  • Our products will work as described.
  • Our products will include all of the features as described in our feature list.
  • We will support every customer to the fullest extent possible.

Products referenced herein come with a 14-day money back guarantee, some restrictions apply, please read this policy in its entirety.
The 14-day money back guarantee applies ONLY to new purchases and not to renewals and upgrades.
We do not issue refunds for renewals and upgrades.

You can ask for refund if:

  • If you encounter any unfix-able issues that cannot be resolved by us or if our software does not have any features that we advertise in the features list, we will refund your money WITHIN 14 days after your purchase.
    Any refund requests made AFTER the 14 day period will NOT be considered for a refund.


You can NOT ask for refund if:

  • The component works not in a way you had expected it to work.
    That means that if the stated functionalities you desire exists, but work differently than you imagined.
  • Our working hours are not compatible with yours or you request support on weekends
    and you cannot be supported on time.
  • You just want your money back.
  • Your client didn't go for it
  • You've changed your mind
  • You've decided that our software is "Not what I need"
  • You've decided to stop using Joomla
  • You've found a different solution
  • You made some customizations and modifications and now our software isn't working
  • Your purchase is older than 14 days (no exceptions)
  • You experience script conflicts with other 3rd party software connected to or installed on your Joomla website (Templates, Components, Modules, and Plugins).
  • You have not provide us full access to your FTP, MySQL, and Joomla Admin consoles in order for us to fully debug and install the software.
    If you cannot provide us this access in a timely and cooperative manner, then we will not be able to give you a refund.

The Buyer understands that access to the support forum, downloads to all products terminates when the refund is processed.
A refund is only issued to the same email address & account that was used originally to make the purchase.
Refunds are usually processed within 7 days.

This license restricts the following with respect to the components:

This license shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of your country.
If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this license to be unenforceable, the other provisions of this limited warranty and software license agreement shall remain in effect without limitation.

All Gotour products mentioned in this user's guide are trademarks of Gotour .it or http://websolution.gotour.it.

About Us

For 10 years the Gotour WebSolutions Team is dealing of the design of Internet sites, to offer to the companies professionals visibility and positioning of search engines and strategic advice to increase its online presence. Gotour WebSolution is also dedicated to development of extension for Major Cms such as Joomla.